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Lawton Industries Inc Rocklin CA Angle Worm Before Repair

Damaged Angle Worm


Lawton Industries Inc After Repair

Repaired Angle Worm

Same tool as the one pictured to the left after Standard Repair completed.

What does “REPAIR” mean to Lawton?

When a tool is sent to Lawton for repair, we don't simply repair the broken part. You will receive your tool back in literally like-new condition. 

Regardless of the repairs required, the following parts will always be replaced with brand new factory parts: 

  • Gauge

  • Valve

  • Tubing

  • Packing

  • Cutter Bit

  • Cable

To have a tool repaired, please send the tool to:

Lawton Industries, Inc.  
4353 Pacific Street 

Rocklin, CA 95677 

Please include the following information: 

  • Company Name

  • Contact Name

  • Contact Phone Number or e-mail address 


Our technicians will perform a full inspection of your tool. We will contact you in 1-2 business days with your repair information.

Your repaired tool will be returned to you within 1-2 weeks.

No RMA required.

Repairs 100% Guaranteed!

Lawton Industries Inc Rocklin CA Truck Delivering Items

Field Repairs

Cutter Bits and Packing can EASILY be replaced while in the field. It is a good idea to keep extras on hand for emergency repairs. Please contact us to order both products.

What you should know...

For safety reasons, all other repairs including twisted cable, bent tubing, broken gauges, etc. must be repaired at the Lawton factory. It is simply not possible to properly repair tools, or to hydro-test them, while in the field. The Angle Worm Bleeder Cleaner is designed for the safety of the user and we are extremely proud of our 100% safety record. 

Please be aware that while other manufacturers may offer a field repair kit, these “self-repair-kits” place the user at dangerous risk. With the tools being used in high-pressure services, a leakage could result in serious injury or even death to the user. Lawton avoids this risk to the user by welding the tool at all joints, then hydro-testing them to ensure that there are no leaks. 

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