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Standard Model Angle Worm™ Bleeder Cleaners

The Angle Worm™ Bleeder Cleaner allows a clogged bleeder valve, drain valve or pressure tap to be cleared safely and efficiently in most services without shutting down operations.

Because shutting down operations is not necessary with the Angle Worm™, extensive down time normally associated with these tasks is virtually eliminated. 

Our 90° tools (2500 & 3400 series) have the unique ability to work with as little as 5” clearance between the bottom of a plugged bleeder valve, drain valve or pressure tap and the ground or deck below it. 


Our straight tools (1550, 2550, & 3450 series) are for use in easily accessible areas.

See full specs here.

Frequently asked questions.

Lawton Industries Inc Rocklin CAAngled Angle Worm Bleeder Cleaner
Lawton Industries Inc Rocklin CA Straight Angle Worm Bleeder Cleaner


These models are shipped standard with 600 PSI Stainless Steel pressure gauges and Stainless Steel ball type pressure bleed off valves.


Thousands of Refineries and Chemical plants around the world continue to count on us to provide them with the highest quality safety products. 

Tech Support

With over 40 years experience producing Angle Worm Bleeder Cleaners, Lead Engineer, Jay Schroeder, is available to answer all your technical questions at (800) 692-2600.


If one our our 60 standard configurations does not meet your needs, we are happy to design custom tools to whatever specs you require at no extra charge.


All 4550–L style Angle Worm™ Bleeder Cleaners are built specifically for heavy duty applications where higher temperatures are present. 4550 series tools have a larger ½” shaft and a 5/8” cutter diameter.

See full specs here.

Lawton Industries Inc Rocklin CA Heavy Duty Angle Worm Bleeder Cleaner

Heavy Duty Angle Worm™ Bleeder Cleaners

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