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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get a tool repaired?

Simply return the tool to us at: 

Lawton Industries, Inc
4353 Pacific Street
Rocklin, CA 94677

It is very important to include a contact name and number with the tool. Once we receive the tool we immediately inspect it, then contact you with repair costs. We will not repair the tool until we receive approval from you. Once we receive approval, the repairs are made immediately so that you will have your tool back as soon as possible. 

Once a tool is repaired it will return to you as if it were a brand new tool. Only the body remains the same. The handle, tubing, gauges, valves, cables, cutters are all new.

  • ​Can I replace cutter bits in the field?

Yes, cutter bits can easily be replaced in the field if one becomes worn or damaged. We suggest that you keep extras on hand for quick repairs.

  • Can a tool be repaired in the field?

Cutter bits can be replaced in the field, however any other repairs including twisted cables, bent shafts, broken handles, valves or gauges, require the tool to be returned to us. 

We take special measures to insure the safety of our tools. We are the original manufacturer of the Angle Worm Bleeder Cleaner and pride ourselves on a 100% user safety record for almost fifty years. 

We do not feel a tool is guaranteed safe if repaired with a self-repair kit. Because your safety is our number one concern, we prefer to repair to tool in-house where it can be tested by us.

  • What packaging types are available?

Type 1 (AKA Type 3): Carbon Fiber
For most hot services up to 700° F and general services in steam, water, solvents, acids and alkalis, with a pH range of 2-13.

Type 2: Teflon 
For most corrosive services under 500° F and services in caustics and acids with a pH range 0-14.

  • Can I order a tool with a 60 degree or 135 degree angle?

Yes, you can special order a tool with any angle bend. Just let us know what you require.

  • ​Do you offer instructional DVD's?

Yes we have DVD’s available at no charge. Please e-mail or call for request.

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