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50 years of creating a safer and more efficient environment within the petrochemical industry.


Lawton Industries Inc Rocklin CA Angle Worm Bleeder Cleaner

Lawton Angle Worm Bleeder Cleaners

Utilized in every major refinery world-wide, the Angle Worm® Bleeder Cleaner provides workers with the secure knowledge they can perform the task of clearing blocked  bleeder valves and pressure taps with no risk of injury. 

For almost 50 years, Lawton's Bleeder Cleaners have provided the SAFEST and most EFFICIENT way to do the job. Our customers' 100% accident-free safety record speaks for itself.

Lawton Industries Inc Rocklin CA Pre-Cut Stainless Steel Slotted Shim

Lawton Pre-Cut Stainless Steel Slotted Shims

Manufactured with the absolute highest quality 304 full-hard stainless steel, along with an unrivaled quality control system, Lawton's pre-cut shims are 100% guaranteed to be accurate, flat, and burr-free. Each shim is permanently etched for easy size and thickness identification. With six different sizes, each available in 13 thicknesses, your needs are sure to be met.

Years of no accidents reported using our tools!
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The effectiveness of our Angle Worm Bleed Cleaners.
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